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Help Save the Montane Cordillera!

Human Activities and Environmental Issues

Landforms, Climate, and Location
Wildlife and Vegetation
Human Activities and Environmental Issues
Save our Ecozone!

The Montane Cordillera is a very active ecozone. Its total population is around 452 000 people. The major cities where people live are Kamloops, with a population of 84 914, Prince George, and Penticton. This ecozone if mostly used for forestry, agriculture, and tourism. The very dry ponderosa pine area can not be used for forestry, so is used for mainly cattle grazing instead. the Grassland area is ideal for hay production, while good soil locations are used for vineyards and orchards when irrigated. Forestry is the main industry of the lower and mid- mountain slopees.  Withinn this ecozone, nine pulp and paper mills can be found, as well as many small and large sawmills. The province of British Columbia produces 45% of Canada’s forestry exports and this is where the  ecozone is located. Mining is also a big part of the Montane Cordillera as 5 out of the 8 coal mines in Bristish Columbia and 3 out of the 11 coal mines in Alberta are found here. There are 6 national parks in the ecozone, including the oldest in Canada, Banff National Park. Aside from that, there are also several provincial parks as well. The slopes further down and the dry valleys are perfect for recreational activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.  In the summer, the major lakes serve as a tourist attraction, along with the many beaches. The work force in the ecozone is changing into a service- oriented one; 32% of the people in the overall work force are employed in the service sector, 15% are in the trade business (exports and imports), 11% are in forestry, 7% are in building, 5% are in farming, 5% are in transportation, and 4% are in mining.


     Here is a photograph of a human built structure in the Montane Cordillera. This shed is very old- fashioned and has a great view of the beautiful landscape behind it.

     There are many enivronmental issues that are threatening the Montane Cordillera which are discussed in greater detail in the "Save The Ecozone" section. Here is just a brief overview on the causes and effects of a few on the environmental problems at hand.
  • Construction and development of the land is the cause of habitat destruction in the ecozone and this has led to the deaths of many innocent animals
  • Industrialization and urbanization are the causes of water shortages in the ecozone which can have serious effects on the species living in the ecozone. Without sufficient water, the animals and plants would die. The water's quality is also questionable and may be harmful to animals in the region


     This is a picture of a tragic forest fire in the Montane Cordillera. Several forest fires happen each year and we do our very best in preventing them.