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Help Save the Montane Cordillera!

Save our Ecozone!

Landforms, Climate, and Location
Wildlife and Vegetation
Human Activities and Environmental Issues
Save our Ecozone!

Please help save the Montane Cordillera. The ecozone has many ongoing environmental problems that are threatening it. These problems are listed below in an article i have written. Once again, call 1 800 MONTANE to help save our fading ecozone.

      The Montane Cordillera in Western Canada is being threatened by several environmental problems. If help is not received, the ecozone may be completely wiped out with time. The climate of the ecozone varies greatly due to different elevations in each of the different areas. In the dries of areas, there is not much precipitation and this contributes to water shortages in some cities. Urbanization and industrialization also play an important part is causing frequent water shortages within the Okanagon Valley. These things also have an effect on the quality of the water.We are working to decrease the amount of  dioxins and furans in the water to a level that is much lower. The mountain rock is crumbling at an unbelievable, and in a short time, the mountains will be completely rundown. The few natural grassland areas of this ecozone are disappearing fast due to fires, cattle grazing, and the arrival of new, foreign species. This is considered home to many animals and is also an area in which they feed in. If it is destroyed, many animals will lose their homes and have troubles finding food. Broad wetlands are not very common in the Montane Cordillera as most have been destroyed by urbanization and farming. As a result, fewer than 15% of the ecozone’s original wetlands of the Okanagon Valley remain, and these are still in danger because of continuous land development. We must do something to stop this, or none of the original wetlands will be left in the Okanagon Valley. This is area is home to many amphibians, birds, and small mammals. This is where they find their water, food, and shelter so we must help protect it. The unlimited development of the grassland regions has led to severe habitat devastation. Many of the wildlife species are in danger of losing their homes or have already lost their homes. In 1995 the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) named 7 mammals living in the ecozone that are at risk. They also named 10 bird species that are at risk or threatened- 4 of which are endangered (the Mountain Plover, the Sage Thrasher, the Burrowing Owl, and the Peregrine Falcon). This committeelisted 4 fish species and 5 plant species which are in danger as well. We are currently working to create reserves for the animals to live on where they can not be harmed by human activities such as construction or land development. Construction causes problems for animals as it removes parts of their natural habitats with things like roads and railways. It also prevents them from moving from one place to another to find food or water. Therefore, it is a direct cause of wildlife death. The Montane Cordillera is slowly disappearing, and even though it may seem like it's in good condition on the surface, there are many problems within the ecozone that many people do not know about. This ecozone needs help right now, and you are the one who can provide it. Call 1 800 MONTANE today and help save the homes of many feeble animals.


     The continuous development of the Montane Cordillera is having a terrible effect on the natural characteristics of the ecozone. Something needs to be done to stop this soon, or the whole ecozone will be lost.