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Help Save the Montane Cordillera!

Landforms, Climate, and Location
Wildlife and Vegetation
Human Activities and Environmental Issues
Save our Ecozone!
At this very moment, parts of this ecozone are fading. Please help save the Montane Cordillera by calling the number below to make a donation.

The Montane Cordillera is being threatened by many environmental issues discussed in greater detail elsewhere on the site. If we do not act now, the ecozone will be completely destroyed. So, to help save this beautiful place, call 1 800 MONTANE and make a donation. By making a donation, you are helping the defenseless animals living there keep from losing their homes. For more information, you may want to watch our detailed television program on channel 18 from 2P.M- 3P.M on Sundays, and 5:30P.M- 6:30P.M on Wednesdays. Make a donation now and your name will be recognized on our television program as soon as possible. For any questions or concerns, you may contact me at


     Another photo of the breathtaking view offered inside the Montane Cordillera, this one shows the types of coniferous trees which can be found within the actual ecozone.

Below is a photograph of the beautiful Montane Cordillera and its breathtaking mountainous view. Help save this ecozone today.


kootenaypark.jpg in the images section (Kootenay National Park- the first one). Above is a picture of Kootenay Park located in the Montane Cordillera. This park is home to several species of animals. We are working to preserve its natural characteristics by keeping the human development level of the land low.

What's New?
- up to date, January 17, 2004, nearly 2000 donations have been made to save the ecozone
- Nearly $200 000.00 have gone toward saving the Montane Cordillera
- We would just like to thank you all for your time
- Keep on donating!
- Call 1 800 MONTANE today!

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By: Navleen Dhaliwal
Date: January 9, 2005
Teacher: Ms. Haegg
School: Mentor College

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